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Best product on the market. So reliable.

great product!

Fantastic Iron Supplement! Feel better fast with Three Arrows Simply Heme Iron Repair! Highly recommend giving it a try. A++

Very happy with this iron as my ferritin levels have started to rise nicely

Best product!!! Has significantly increased my iron and ferritin when others have not.

Top class product, I have been for a couple of years now, wouldn’t use anything else.

It works!!!

Heme Plus
Catherine M.

Love this product. Definitely see improvement. Came here to order more.

Simply Heme

This product has been an absolute miracle, I started with a ferritin of 3 and after 90 days it was 47!

Heme Plus

Excellent product! Cannot live without it!

Simply Heme

Brilliant product. It’s made me feel more energetic just in the few weeks I’ve been taking them so ordered more.

Best iron supplement I’ve take . No side effects and I’m generally on the more constipated side. Now that my level is ideal I’m going to slowly lower my dose.

Nothing else compares to this - absolutely life changing- well worth the price and the wait to receive it in the UK

Great product, helps my iron deficiency anemia & saw results immediately. Ensure you check out the daily calculations for your weight to ensure you’re taking the optimal required amounts. This is definitely a staple

Heme Plus

Fantastic product

Full iron panel showed low iron, ferritin, etc, went to optimal levels in about 3 months, using appropriate amount according to weight. Very happy with product!

My vitamin D level rose from low 33, to 86,optimal in 3 months, great supplement that works!

Fantastic service and so grateful that I am starting to feel much better. Thank you 3 Arrows from a very grateful uk customer!

Heme Plus

This is an excellent supplement! It makes me feel like a superhero!! Highly recommend if you are consistently tired!!

Heme Plus

My girlfriend has an iron deficiency and she said that she believes that it is helping her

Great product

Works great. My ferritin has greatly improved much faster than with elemental iron and without bothering my stomach. My hair has grown back. The 6 pack is an amazing value.

Heme Plus

Amazing! This has definitely moved the needle of my recovery from anemia! I will take it everyday, forever!!

The only option for me as non-heme doesnt agree with me. This product transforms my energy & mood within just a few days. I have 'iron deficiency without anemia', which doctors almost never flag. If your ferritin is under 30 (ask for a print out from your doctor & check it yourself!) then you should be on this. Iron deficiency can make you feel every bit as bad as full blown anemia.

The suppliments and the information and support, have indi