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Blood Results Don’t Lie

After three years of trying prescription and over the counter supplements, my iron levels kept getting worse. On 2/2/2023 my doctor told me that I needed transfusions. I was hesitant about it and found this product. I decided to try it for three months before giving up and getting the transfusions. I am SO GLAD I did. No upset stomach. No bowel difficulties. More energy. Even my doctor was impressed with the results. Check out my test results in the photos! I’m going to up my intake from one capsule a day to two and retest in three months. THANK YOU!!!

OMG, this actually works!

Lifelong anemic here, mostly untreated. A few Dr.'s along the way suggested iron supplements w/Vit C, but I had the typical constipation side effect, and my numbers didn't move at all, so they would eventually drop it. I'm an extra weird case; I don't have many noticeable side effects, and I just assumed this was one of those things you check a box off at the Dr's office and just move on. In my mid 40's now, I realized that the potential strain on my heart was not good, so My Dr prescribed the iron and Vit C routine, it did nothing, and then he wanted me to try iron infusions.

I have a few other issues that would be negatively impacted by the iron infusions, so I decided to do some Googling, and I came across this site. Came back to it a few times, unwilling to believe some random, unproven stuff I'd read on the internet. Doctors and science are the experts, who am I to go against that education and experience? Still, I kept coming back, and finally decided to give this a shot. I ordered a 6 mo supply, and the next day at my Dr. appt, I told him my plan. He agreed, and set up testing just under the 3 mo mark. If this didn't work, then he would refer me to a hematologist. That seemed fair.

Well, guess what? I just got my test results back, and it really does work! Ferritin went from 5 to 22, Iron from 22 to 156! I'm in the normal range for the first time in my life!

Thank you for creating this supplement, and for not being quack science. Means a lot.

Alexa S.
This is a lifesaver

I found out about 3 Arrows through the Iron Protocol FB group. I was skeptical at first. I spent a year trying non-heme supplements (including floradix, ugh) with slow progress, GI side effects, and had a terrible time taking consistently since you're supposed to avoid near food and other supplements. UGH. In the first year of non-heme, other supplements, my ferritin went from 8 to 66 back to 23. It was so frustrating. I had an iron infusion that got me from 23 to 123, but after a couple months of the non-heme supplement, it fell back to the 70s and I was still symptomatic. I was so frustrated, so scared, and so anxious and on the verge of doing another expensive and time consuming infusion series.

That's when I decided to really give Simple Heme a try. O M G. What a game changer. I went from ferritin in the 70s to 150 in about 6 weeks of taking 2 everyday. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. WOW. What I LOVE the most about the Simply Heme is that it is SO easy to take. It's a lot easier to fit into my day. Instead of trying to work around meals or other supplements, I just take 2 in the morning with all my other vitamins. And that ease was the difference between taking my iron consistently and constantly forgetting to take the non-hemes. Plus, I don't have the horrible GI problems and constipation I was having with my non-heme supplements.
I am thrilled with the results.

Ashleigh K.
Changed my life

This supplement is life changing. Said goodbye to years of fatigue, anxiety, palpitations, and restless leg. Wish I discovered this supplement sooner.

Alexandra M.
Couldn’t be happier

Along my iron journey I tried ferrous sulfate and herbal iron….well sadly neither worked but thankfully I knew someone going through anemia as well and they suggested Three Arrows Simply Heme and I’m just so thankful. I finally can just feel "normal" again, although I have only been taking it for a month I feel such a difference. I would definitely suggest anyone struggling with anemia give it a try & they won’t regret it!

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