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An iron supplement with proof that it works!

I tried Iron Repair after learning that my usual iron supplement just wasn't being absorbed by my body after blood tests revealed that my ferritin levels were 33. After 2 months of Iron Repair, my blood tests came back as 93! Definitely a convert for life.

So thankful for Iron Repair Plus!!

I’m so happy I discovered a supplement that isnt hard on my stomach and I can take anytime of the day. This is the first iron pill I have been able to take in years. I have sever iron deficiency anemia and supplement in between my iron infusions. I’ve found that I have more energy and actually feel like I’m no longer functioning in a fog. I’ve only taken these for about a month, but have already noticed I don’t have body aches/pains, constant fatigue nd my mood is improving. Krystal has done amazing research and everything you need to know or have questions about she will personally respond to you via the Iron Warriors FB group. Highly recommend iron repair plus.

Iron Repair

I've been taking these pills so far for a week. No side effects at all and I've experienced a bit more energy already. I think it will take a bit longer to see more dramatic effects but so far so good.

Life changers

Customer service amazing. Great communication. Struggled with Non Heme. These have caused no side effects and my Ferritin is rising nicely! Will definitely be ordering more once my 3 month supply runs out. Thank you for making a product that finally works!

OMG! Finally

After suffering from all the symptomes that comes with taking Iron supplements, I finally found THE ONE. No more struggles and the best, I dont have to time what I eat and drink for an optimal absorption. THANK YOU!!!

Iron Repair Plus

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