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Easy on the body!

This is the first Iron supplement that has not caused severe constipation! Also, I have had no nausea or dizziness while taking Iron Repair.


It is so evident all the thought that has been put into developing and delivering this supplement. From the heart shaped freshener in the bottle, to the minty smell and flavor that makes them enjoyable to take, to the quality ingredients and ease on the stomach, I'm in love. I'm only on my first bottle, but I'm able to take 4 per day without stomach issues despite recently having sever GI upset from other supplements. I'm excited to see my numbers climb, finally! Thank you so much for a quality supplement!

The One of a Kind Iron Repair Pills

In desperate need to find iron pills that absorbed better without the negative side effects, I found and joined the Iron Protocol group on Facebook and was referred to Three Arrows Nutra. I signed up for and read the free ebook and was sold that the iron repair pills were the best I could get because of their high absorption rate and quality ingredients. The first time I ordered the iron repair pills, I did not receive my package because the USPS lost it so I asked Krystal if it was possible to send another package and she was kind enough to send more bottles very quickly! I have been taking it for a few weeks since then and have not had any negative symptoms even though I take 2 daily. I have a history of constipation so it was important to me to find a pill that does not give me negative side effects. I plan to get my iron checked soon to see the results and am highly anticipating seeing positive results!

Love Iron Repair

I love the fact that Iron Repair can be taken anytime with or without food and without vitamin C. I am taking thyroid meds and also vitamin D which has to be taken 4 hours after thyroid meds. I took non heme iron before which has to be taken away from thyroid and vitamin D and on an empty stomach. It was impossible to schedule everything. Also love that Iron Repair gets absorbed so much better so I can take a lot less. Thank you for this great product.

Wonderful product!

Heme iron is wonderful. I love that I don’t have to worry about taking it on an empty stomach. It’s also not causing me any constipation which has been a huge problem for me.

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