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Ashleigh K.
Changed my life

This supplement is life changing. Said goodbye to years of fatigue, anxiety, palpitations, and restless leg. Wish I discovered this supplement sooner.

Alexandra M.
Couldn’t be happier

Along my iron journey I tried ferrous sulfate and herbal iron….well sadly neither worked but thankfully I knew someone going through anemia as well and they suggested Three Arrows Simply Heme and I’m just so thankful. I finally can just feel "normal" again, although I have only been taking it for a month I feel such a difference. I would definitely suggest anyone struggling with anemia give it a try & they won’t regret it!

Jared C.
My FAVORITE Iron!! - Easy on the tummy

All of the iron supplements I’ve tried in the past have been too hard on my stomach. This is the first that has given me no issues, with or without food! I haven’t been taken it long but I’ve felt an increase in energy and my mood has been better overall. I’m so grateful to have found such a quality iron supplement!

Djelal H.
These are great iron supplements for anemia

The heme iron plus is 10 times more bioavailable than other forms of iron, it helped my daughters anemia, buy in packs is much cheaper, this is a genuine and very good small business, peace and love.

So happy with this supplement.

I follow an iron protocol to get my Ferritin levels to go up. I have been taking Ferrous Fumarate for a while but this really irritates my tummy and it's also a struggle to find the right time of day to take these tablets (due to having to take them on an empty stomach and other supplements I have to take during the day).

These Three Arrows Iron repair supplements are ideal as you can take them whenever you want and they don't give me any nasty side effects. I have recently checked my Ferritin levels and they have gone up significantly. Very pleased with this product!

Iron Repair Simply Heme

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