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Love it

So much easier on the digestive system and have hair growth coming in so I know it’s doing something.

It’s A Working Miracle!!

I received my first bottle of the Simply Heme a few weeks ago. I’ve slowly started seeing results and feel so much better! I’m so thankful as I’ve had bad reactions to the other Iron types. Thanks for contributing to my journey to better health!! AC

Angela P.
Heme iron is amazing!

I have been taking the simply heme for a while now and I love everything about it! It has zero side effects, I usually take it with or without food with no problem! I am severely anemic and this product has helped me to increase my iron and ferritin levels! Buy it and you won't be disappointed!

Best iron product ever!

’ve purchased this multiple times since I learned of the anemia and cannot say enough good things! No constipation, no upset stomach, no side negative side effects. What's more is that I can drink my coffee with it . I will be continuing to order and also appreciate the ability to reach out to Krystal with any concerns and questions.

Goodbye insomnia

I’ve struggled with insomnia for yearsss….and if I did sleep it was for a few hours and some change. Apparently low iron is a major cause of insomnia. After discovering that, I tried iron supplement after iron supplement & thought it would be an easy fix. I suffer from gastritis as well so every pill of iron and vitamin C would completely wreck my stomach. I was desperate to get my iron back up and came across this gem. After a week of taking it I began to notice I was sleeping a full night, deep-quality sleep at that. Oh and it doesn’t effect my stomach either. Gosh…I’m so thankful to have discovered iron repair.

Iron Repair Simply Heme

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